Mapping for Change


Mapping for Change see maps as tools which can facilitate dialogue, analysis and action. Our services are grounded in over 15 years’ experience in participatory mapping and community engagement. We have used maps to support community groups, commercial organisations, public sector and government initiatives, and academic research.

We can use maps to help to address virtually any topic. From collecting evidence about environmental problems, visualising and analysing complex spatial information, or involving your community in a local initiative, we can develop maps to assist you and your organisation.

Mapping for Change produce different map styles across various mediums to suit our clients’ needs. Depending on the requirements of your organisation, our work can involve designing and developing a unique online participatory platform, or simply bringing a community together around a paper map. Whatever your requirements, we have the skills and experience necessary to help you accomplish your goal.

Our expertise in online web development and offline social engagement means that we can find the right approach for you.

Community and Voluntary Groups

Community and voluntary groups use our mapping services to document issues which affect them and their local area, share information about what is going on locally, and involve other nearby groups in their activities.

View our Information sheet for further information.

Commercial Organisations

As a business, your organisation can use maps to trace the impacts of your services, gather community perceptions of your work, or engage people from the local area in your outcomes.

View our Information Sheet for further information.