Mapping for Change


Since 2009, MfC has secured more than 20 contracts worth in excess of £435,000, and has delivered over 30 projects in many communities, directly engaging more than 5,000 people and reaching far more online and indirectly.

We have worked on a diverse range of issues including air pollution, noise pollution, and accessible urban environments, amongst many more. Our projects have increased community engagement in the local environment, initiated meaningful actions from local authorities and service providers, and stimulated wider awareness along with policy debate and action.

  • Southwark Council

    Southwark Council

    Southwark is a borough of South London which, like many of London’s boroughs, has sizeable housing demand and construction targets.

    In 2015, Southwark Council commissioned a Community Map to facilitate resident consultation over the construction of 11,000 new homes in the borough.

  • Turning Point

    Turning Point

    Turning Point is a health and social care organisation that works across mental health, learning disability, substance misuse, primary care, the criminal justice system and employment.

    In support of their work to provide health and wellbeing services across the three boroughs of Westminster, Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington & Chelsea they enlisted MfC to create an interactive mapping platform. The map will be used to identify all of the different charities, organisations and events that are supportive to a person recovery from addiction.

  • Healthwatch Wokingham Borough

    Healthwatch Wokingham Borough

    Healthwatch Wokingham Borough is an independent organisation that gathers the views of the community, especially those groups who are often less heard, and uses this to campaign for positive change.

    HealthWatch contacted MfC to design an interactive map round the needs of the community. This included mapping categories such as events, consultations and forums along with the number of people attending to highlight the level of community engagement in the borough and encourage further interest.

  • Lambeth Council

    Lambeth Council

    Lambeth is a borough situated in the south of London. Like many local authorities across the country they are keen to build a better understanding of local air quality in a bid to target their efforts to improve air quality.

    In 2016, Lambeth commissioned MfC to deliver a six month programme to engage local residents and businesses to monitor and map local air quality. MfC used their well-established citizen science approach to collect the data which culminated in final feedback event to plan steps for further action.

  • The City of London Corporation

    The City of London Corporation

    The City of London Corporation is working to reduce air pollution as part of its remit to enhance the capital for Londoners.

    The Corporation enlisted the support of MfC for two 12-month projects to monitor and map air quality. By using a citizen science approach and engaging with residents through workshops and community maps, we collected lots of data whist raising awareness of air pollution.

  • West London Mission

    West London Mission

    West London Mission is a Christian organisation which helps some of the most marginalized members of society through supported housing, counselling, health and educational services.

    Mapping for Change has worked with them to develop an interactive map of all the different food projects going on in Lambeth to identify gaps in provision and gain a better insight into these resources.

  • DECC


    MfC produced a map for the Department of Energy and Climate Change. The map listed and provided details about where all winning communities of the Local Assessment Fund were located.

    To find out more about the project and the Green Deal visit, our map’s website.

  • Clean Air in London

    Clean Air in London

    Clean Air in London is a not-for-profit organisation which campaigns for greater awareness and political action to tackle air pollution in London.

    MfC have worked extensively with Clean Air in London to deliver Citizen Science air quality monitoring initiatives.

  • Green Alliance

    Green Alliance

    Green Alliance is a charity and independent think tank who seek to promote ambitious and innovative environmental leadership.
    MfC designed two interactive maps for Green Alliance‘s project New times new connections: the landscape of civil society action on climate change. The project was supported by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

  • Newcastle Council for Voluntary Services

    Newcastle Council for Voluntary Services

    Newcastle Council for Voluntary Services is a charity which seeks to support community and voluntary organisations across Newcastle.

    MfC collaborated with Newcastle Council for Voluntary Services to design and develop the Newcastle Climate Change Action map, which displays information about local actions against climate change.

  • UCL Public Engagement Unit

    UCL Public Engagement Unit

    UCL Public Engagement Unit conducts work to bridge connections between UCL and the wider community.

    MfC facilitated the UCL project Mapping Perceptions: Uncovering the Hidden Spaces of UCL and St Pancras with participation from 77 community members and 82 students and staff.

  • London Transport Museum

    London Transport Museum

    The London Transport Museum seeks to conserve and celebrate transport heritage in the capital.

    MfC worked with the London Transport Museum on the collection and arrangement of Acton High School pupil’s objectives. The map interaction can be seen on the Acton High School Community Map.

  • Plaistow South Big Local

    Plaistow South Big Local

    Plaistow South Big Local is about bringing together the local talent, ambitions, skills and energy from individuals, groups and organisations who want to make the area an even better place to live. Funding from the Big Lottery is making this possible.

    To ensure everyone’s voices are heard Mapping for Change is helping the public map local needs, resources and opportunities for change.



    EJOLT is a European-funded project with 23 partners in 20 countries (including Northern Alliance for Sustainability). EJOLT is mapping environmental injustices worldwide, making case studies and bridging the gap between activists and researchers.

    MfC designed and developed EJOLT’s mapping platform, and co-designed EJOLT website with Jasia Warren.

  • TCV


    The Conservation Volunteers is an international volunteering organisation supporting conservation initiatives in the UK and around the world.

    MfC designed and produced a system to help TCV assess the impact of their activities on the communities within which they operate.

  • The Chislehurst Society

    The Chislehurst Society

    Chislehurst is a district of South-East London. The Chislehurst Society is a local charity that aims to preserve and celebrate Chislehurst for its residents and visitors alike.

    The Chislehurst Society asked MfC to develop a community map – a space for locals to provide information about open spaces, local history, present and future events, and other matters of community interest.

  • LSX


    London Sustainability Exchange equip organisations and networks of people with the information and skills they need to promote sustainable actions.

    MfC has collaborated with LSX in three projects around London; two aiming to tackle environmental justice (Pepys State – noise pollution map; Archway regeneration – community information hub) and one on environmental inequality (Marks Gate – local area map).

  • NEF


    The New Economics Foundation is a leading UK Think Tank for social, economic and environmental justice.

    Mapping for Change facilitated and hosted a Sustainable Water System debate, which was led by the New Economics Foundation.

  • CIVA


    Centre for Innovation in Voluntary Action is a centre for innovations, designed to develop, pilot and fund new ideas for addressing social problems.

    MfC assisted CIVA on The Waterways Project @ CIVA to enable waterways stakeholders to upload information on sites they consider to hold potential opportunities for social economy and community asset development. Four maps were created East London, Hebden Bridge, Monmouthshire & Brecon and Stoke on Trent.

  • Northfleet Big Local Trust

    Northfleet Big Local Trust

    Northfleet Big Local Trust is a Community Organisation, which aims to make positive social and environmental changes in the local area.

    MfC worked with Northfleet BLT to design and develop a map-based community profile, which enables the community to collectively make positive changes to their local area.

  • Convergence


    Convergence is a social business, which aims to link up influential individuals in order to harness innovative thinking and collaborative action.

    MfC produced a community map, which allows members of the Converge network can interact with each other.

  • planZheroes


    planZheroes are a London-based charity who tackle waste and poverty by inspiring food businesses to redistribute surplus food to those who need it.

    MfC developed the first planZheroes food map, which contained details of surplus food to be donated, and organisations that receive food donations for re-distribution.

  • Thames Estuary Partnership

    Thames Estuary Partnership

    The Thames Estuary Partnership is a charity, which unites social, environmental and economic stakeholders to produce positive actions for the Thames.

    MfC created a map for the Thames Discovery Programme, which aims to communicate an understanding and informed enjoyment of the historic Thames to the widest possible audience.

  • The Conservation Foundation

    The Conservation Foundation

    The Conservation Foundation is a London-based charity, which aims to promote positive environmental awareness and action.

    MfC developed the London Faith Map for the Conservation Foundation, to help anyone with an interest in environmental issues in London and also to promote what different faith groups are doing.

  • It was great to work with Mapping for Change to create an online map, where supporters and donors were able to add their memories of Concorde with a donation to a bespoke Concorde Memory Map. This allowed us to collect a treasure trove of stories as well as vital donations to support the Aerospace Bristol museum.

    The team worked well to support us and deliver our bespoke map that was extremely successful and generated over 260 stories worldwide.

    Francesca Bizon, Aerospace Bristol, Concorde memories map

  • I have really enjoyed the process of building and developing our community Asset Map with Mapping for Change. With their expert support and guidance the process of setting up a community map has been quick and simple. Whenever we have had queries, suggestions or needed something customised to our needs the team have provided quick solutions.

    The maps are built in a style that is familiar and easy for anyone who has experience of a google map and the fact that they can be added to by a wide number of people makes it a great resource for the whole community. We have had great feedback from our service users and we look forward to seeing how this project keeps on growing.


    Lisa Harston, Turning Point, map for the drug and alcohol wellbeing service


    We came up with this project from the citizen science air quality project at City of London and decided we’d like to do something similar in Lambeth. Our residents and businesses have really enjoyed working with Mapping for Change. This project helped to provide a clear map of what air quality is like around the borough, and the information will be used for future reports and decisions.

    Andrew Round, Sustainability Manager, Lambeth Council

  • We commissioned Mapping for Change to produce an online map, showing our residents where the Council is building new homes and allowing them to suggest new sites for future homes. MfC were able to meet every requirement in our specification at short notice and for a very competitive price. We were particularly impressed with the comprehensive methodology they supplied, which gave us confidence they would be able to deliver what they had promised.

    MfC also provided insightful advice and guidance when they felt a particular request would have a detrimental impact on the usability of the map. Requests were responded to very quickly and given careful consideration. The map was finished on-time, within budget and to an excellent standard.

    Sean Backhurst, Service Development Officer, Southwark Council

  • The project that MfC has run with people at the Barbican and the city of London is the best project of the kind that I have seen… I really do congratulate MfC and the City of London for building up and encouraging enthusiasm within the community to actually take part in this project and commit to it for a whole year. It really is tremendous, and I’d like to see local authorities across the whole of London copying this model. It really is a masterpiece of engagement, and a very successful model for others to follow.

    Clean Air in London

  • To give this type of confidence to residents who live in some of the most socially deprived and disempowered parts of the country is remarkable, and not at all easy.

    Samantha Heath, Director of London Sustainability Exchange

  • The Royal Docks community map brought residents together and gave them confidence to call for changes in their community.

    Annie Griffin, Resident living under the LCA flight path and Chair of "Fight the Flights"

  • Green UCL commissioned Mapping for Change in July 2012 to help capture and present UCL’s staff and student travel data. The commission required Mapping for Change to establish an quick and effective way of capturing travel data over the first few weeks of the 12/13 academic year and present these as maps in UCL’s travel plan. Green UCL was impressed with the professionalism and quality of the work undertaken by Mapping for Change and would recommend them to other organisations seeking to use them.

    Richard Jackson, Director of UCL Sustainability

  • We started co-operation with Mapping for Change in 2012. Thanks to help from Mapping for Change trainers and methodology we were able to encourage almost hundred people to take actions and take care about their communities in Poland. In 2014 the project “Jogging map of Katowice Area” was started. It aimed to create and mark runners trails in forest located in Katowice. That was done thanks to community maps portal developed by Mapping for Change.

    Pawel Wyszomirski, Director of Programme

  • MfC organised and ran an air quality monitoring project over the course of a year with residents in the City of London who were interested in finding out more about local levels of pollution. The interest from residents was greater than any of us had anticipated and MfC were extremely flexible and accommodating in their approach. MfC were very professional and supportive throughout the project and we now have a very large number of residents who understand how they can take simple steps to reduce their exposure to high levels of pollution.

    Ruth Calderwood, Environmental Policy Officer, City of London

  • People are becoming increasingly aware of issues like air pollution, and clearly there are health effects from the levels of pollution, especially in a big city like London. When our project was advertised around the estate, I thought, ‘that’s something I can get involved with that doesn’t take up a lot of my time’. It’s one of those things where, if you get lots of people doing a little bit, it adds up to something that’s big, and important.

    Maggie Urry, Barbican resident

  • My wife and I were both surprised when the first results came through from the project, to see just how high the pollution levels are. It made us feel really good to be part of the project, if only to provide evidence for whichever local authority it is to actually do something about what is patently a serious problem.

    John Thirlwell, Barbican resident