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Media Coverage

‘Citizen Science Is Helping Tackle Stinky Cities’. Next City, May 2021. Read article

Citizen Science project helps City residents measure air quality. City Matters, February 2021. Read article

‘Un proyecto de narices en Kampala’. Our citizen science project to monitor odour pollution in Kampala portrayed in the Spanish most read newspaper. El País, July 2020. Read article (in Spanish)

‘It’s like we don’t exist.’ Mapping for Change and London Gypsies and Travellers join forces to put an under-represented ethnic group on the map. The Guardian, January 2018. Full article

Mapping for Change’s ‘Ramp It Up!’ Competition Running a social media contest to improve accessibility in our towns and cities. Disabled Go News, March 2017. Read article

The Crowd and The Cloud, 2017. See documentary

Mapping for Change Launches ‘Ramp It Up!’, UCan2 Magazine, November 2016. Read article

The Air We Breathe, ITV Tonight Programme. May 2015. See documentary

Science on the Spot: Citizen Science. April 2015. Listen to radio programme

Scientists and citizen: Could a new wave of networked, amateur scientific endeavour speed the discovery of solutions to pressing environmental problems? February 2012. Read article

City Airport noise pollution is now worse than living near Heathrow, Evening Standard, November 2010. Read article

‘Citizen Science’ takes off…, GeoConnexions UK, June 2008. Read article


Nitrogen dioxide mapping survey. Nitrogen Dioxide Toolkit

Noise mapping survey. Get PDF

Community action pack. Get Part 1 PDF and Part 2 PDF

Street Mobility Project Toolkit. Get PDF

Community Engagement for Social Inclusion Web PDF


Citizen science goes ‘extreme’, Nature, February 2012. Read article

Communities put climate change firmly on the map…, GeoConnexions UK, August 2011. Read article


GLA Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation Topic Paper, 2017. Read paper

Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer Health Impacts of All Pollution – what do we know? 2017. Read report

Environmental Citizen Science – UK Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, August 2014. Read report

Citizen Science and Policy: A European Perspective. Haklay M. Washington, DC; 2015. Read Report

From ideas to social enterprise – A guide to utilising university intellectual property for the benefit of society. UCL, UCLB, UnLtd and STORM, 2013. Read report

New Times New Connections: the landscape of civil society action on climate change, October 2010. Read report

Conference Papers

Haklay, M. (2011) ‘Using Geographic information to improve service delivery and analyse impact’ workshop, Substance Conference Haklay, M., Francis, L., Rahemtulla, H., Ellul, C., 2010, Mapping for Change, GIS Development February issue, 34-37

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Ellul, C., Haklay, M., Francis, L. & Rhametulla, H. (2009) A Mechanism to Create Community Maps for Non-Technical Users. Paper prepared for the International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems and Web Services. Get PDF

Ellul, C., Haklay, M. & Francis, L. (2008). Empowering Individuals and Community Groups – is Web GIS the Way Forward? Paper prepared for the Association for Geographic Information annual conference. Get PDF

Journal Papers & Book Chapters

Perelló J. et al. (2021) Large-scale citizen science protocol provides high-resolution nitrogen dioxide values while enhancing community knowledge and collective action. MethodsX 2021; 8: 101475

Haklay, M., and Francis, L., 2018. Participatory GIS and community-based citizen science for environmental justice action, in Chakraborty, J., Walker, G. and Holifield, R.(eds.), The Routledge Handbook of Environmental Justice. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 297-308. Read Article

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