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Community Maps is a cutting-edge digital tool specifically designed for participatory mapping. Community Maps can visualise complex data, compare information, and encourage conversation about places and topics.

Mapping for Change has experience of building bespoke Community Maps for public sector, commercial and community or voluntary organisations. Community Maps has facilitated consultation on a variety of projects including neighbourhood planning, housing and regeneration, local asset mapping, and local sustainability actions.

Using the latest technology, Community Maps offers:
  –  a clear, intuitive interface, based on years of usability research
  –  a clear display which is responsive on all devices and screens
  –  different access rights and permissions for users
  –  ability to upload media, such as images and audio files
  –  a hub for conversation and debate
  –  multi-lingual options
  –  bespoke customisation and branding options
  –  importing and exporting of data.

We can provide varied levels of support, depending on the requirements, from delivering a complete community engagement package, including participatory mapping and analysis, to a stand-alone bespoke online Community Map.

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Local Authorities and Government

Looking for a smarter, more transparent way to facilitate public participation and consultations? Local Authorities use Community Maps to include residents in decisions about housing, public space and regeneration.

View our information sheet for further details.

Community or Voluntary Groups

Want to document and share information about your neighbourhood? Community and voluntary groups produce Community Maps to collaborate, negotiate, and achieve changes in their local area.

View our Information Sheet for further details.