Mapping for Change

Online Mapping Platforms

With the advance of web technologies, online participatory mapping requires a cutting-edge digital platform. Community Maps is one such resource. A flexible and stylish participatory mapping platform, Community Maps can visualise data, compare information, and encourage conversation about the places which matter. Community Maps can facilitate dialogue and collaboration across sectors, within organisations, or amongst communities.

Designed using the latest web development technologies, Community Maps offers a fast, reliable and intuitive interface. The display is clear, professional, and engaging for all screen types. We can also provide a range of bespoke customisation and branding options.

We have experience of building Community Maps for public sector, commercial and community or voluntary organisations. Community Maps has facilitated consultation on a variety of projects including neighbourhood planning, housing and regeneration, and local sustainability actions.

Our online platforms can be produced on different scales to reflect our clients’ needs. Mapping for Change offer varied levels of support; from developing an entire online interactive mapping system, to simply offering an initial consultation workshop and access to the relevant ICT tools.

Local Authorities and Government

Looking for a smarter way to facilitate public participation? Local Authorities use Community Maps to include residents in decisions about housing, public space and regeneration.

View our information sheet for further details.

Community or Voluntary Groups

Want to document and share information about your neighbourhood? Community and voluntary groups produce Community Maps to collaborate, negotiate, and achieve changes in their local area.

View our Information Sheet for further details.