Mapping for Change

Map Visualisation & Analysis

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) can capture, manage, and analyse many types of spatial data in a variety of ways. Our expertise in GIS means we can apply a range of Map Visualisation & Analysis techniques to support or enhance the work conducted by your organisation or community.

Map visualisation & analysis can be used in a host of areas, such as environmental management, business effectiveness, or public sector intervention planning. We have experience working across sectors, and can shape visualisation and analysis to meet your needs.

Local Authorities and Government

Map visualisation & analysis can help you to identify key areas for action planning across a broad range of topics, such as housing, education and health. With the insight of GIS, you can direct action to transform the local area.

View our Information Sheet for further information.

Community and Voluntary Groups

If you are a community or voluntary group, map visualisation & analysis can help you identify trends in activities or actions relevant to your work, or to visualise the influence your work has had on the surrounding area.

View our Information Sheet for further information.