Mapping for Change

Community Engagement

As an organisation, Mapping for Change are firmly grounded in principles and methodologies of community engagement. Since our origin, our work with grassroots and third sector organisations has aimed to widen citizen participation and involvement in local decisions and actions, by empowering all members of the community.

Our engagement methodology has evolved from many years of experience working in the community and voluntary sector. We use a range of direct and online techniques to reach relevant groups and individuals, and ensure that harder-to-reach perspectives are included.

Where appropriate, we utilise a map-based engagement methodology. Maps enable us to communicate with community groups to visualise or analyse their local area in the context of a particular issue, question or concept.

Mapping for Change can provide engagement services to support academic, commercial or public sector projects. We can also provide engagement training, to supply your organisation with all the skills and knowledge required to conduct your own community engagement.

Academic Research

We can provide long or short-term community engagement services for a range of academic research projects. Our engagement services can be used to acquire diverse information from communities, from survey responses to in-depth interviews.

View our Information Sheet for further information.

Engagement Training

Mapping for Change can offer clients a series of tailored engagement workshops. Our flexible approach means we can equip you with specific methodologies and tools appropriate for your organisation.

View our Information Sheet for further information.