Mapping for Change

Citizen Science

Citizen Science is based on the use of low-tech methods, which enable all members of a community to collaborate, and acquire the information necessary to raise awareness and lobby policy-makers for change. Without such data, our ability to call for action is restricted. Participation in Citizen Science initiatives typically gives people greater confidence to engage in democratic decision-making processes in the future.

Mapping for Change have over 15 years’ experience in coordinating Citizen Science initiatives. We have supported groups to measure various types of environmental pollutant, including air, noise, and more recently – odour.

We can co-design survey and data collection methods to ensure validity and relevance, recruit and train participants, facilitate stakeholder engagement, provide data analysis, and produce paper or online maps to visualise and compare results.

Once equipped with the necessary data, Mapping for Change can support organisations or communities to take the next steps they need to address the issue. In the past, we have helped groups to achieve key local changes in their area, enabled behaviour change on an individual level and simply encouraged awareness raising among the community.

Resident and Community Groups

If your community is experiencing an issue that could benefit from a Citizen Science project, please see our Information Sheet for further information. As well as achieving policy changes and raising awareness, past projects have brought people together in their local area, and given communities the confidence to participate in decision making.

Local Authorities

Citizen Science is an effective way of raising awareness among residents, as well as engaging them to co-develop strategies for change, and use evidence collected to consider potential solutions. If you are interested in setting up a Citizen Science project with local residents, please get in touch, or see our Information Sheet for further details.