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On 3rd November 2016 Agnes posted in Featured, News

‘Ramp It Up!’ Contest Promotes Accessibility in the UK

Mapping for Change is inviting communities from around the UK to help their towns and cities become more wheelchair friendly. We are calling on you to ‘Ramp it Up!’ and have launched an exciting competition to encourage your local business owners to get on board.

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On 1st December 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

South Bank University Maps for Access!

It’s that time of year when courageous mappers embrace the cold and head out to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disability! Yesterday, Mapping for Change joined forces with Health and Social Care students from London South Bank University for a voyage of accessibility discovery around Waterloo.

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On 24th November 2015 Hannah posted in Featured, News

Community Air Quality Monitoring
Mapping for Change have launched a crowdfunded Air Quality Monitoring initiative that will enable communities across the UK to collect evidence about air pollution in their local area.

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On 13th November 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Access the National Trails: 23,000 metres mapped!

Our Access the National Trails initiative has seen happy mappers across the country collect more than 4400 photographs, covering a staggering 23,000 metres of footpath! With more images uploaded every week, we hope to hit 25,000 metres by the end of the year.

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On 2nd October 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Access the National Trails: Thixendale

On Tuesday morning, the Mapping for Change team dusted off their walking boots and hopped on a train to Yorkshire for the 2nd of our Access the National Trails mapping workshops.

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On 3rd September 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Summer is coming to an end: the days are getting shorter, umbrellas are whizzing off the shelves, and small streams are forming alongside every pavement. What better time to contemplate walking in our beautiful natural landscapes?! The National Trails stretch across 2,500 miles of England and Wales, and they’re waiting to be enjoyed by everyone, whatever the weather. However, a lack of information about accessibility on the National Trails means that many people with limited mobility are unable to make the most of them, come rain or shine. We’re working with the National Trails and Walk Unlimited to promote walking for people with limited mobility, by collecting information about accessibility along the trails.

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On 30th June 2015 Louise posted in Featured, News

Co-Designing Mobile Accessibility App

On 19th June the MyAccessible.EU team from Mapping for Change teamed up with members from UCL ExCiteS research group, Ross Akin, an accessibility designer, Dr Catherine Holloway and Sarah Nicholson from UCL’s CEGE Dept.,  and users of the Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation Mobility Centre for a day long workshop. The idea was to co-design a mobile application that could enable users to identify and map barriers to accessibility within the urban realm using Sapelli; a mobile data collection and sharing platform designed with a particular focus on users with little or no prior ICT experience. Sapelli offers pictorial decision trees and icon-driven interfaces as opposed to the forms and check boxes traditionally used in many mobile apps.

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On 8th June 2015 Hannah posted in Featured

Access: going beyond ramps

Accessibility. 6 syllables. Many more benefits for cities.

When many people imagine physical ‘accessibility’ in the urban context, what typically springs to mind is an assortment of glamorous and exciting objects: sloping ramps, roll-in lifts, maybe even dropped kerbs. True, these objects aren’t entirely fascinating, but they are undoubtedly crucial for inclusive, accessible cities. Thankfully this blog isn’t about dropped kerbs. Instead, it focuses on why we should all be championing accessibility. The reason? There are many unexpected environmental and economic benefits for doing so.

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On 2nd June 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Community Air Quality Monitoring – Funding Available

Mapping for Change can now enable up to four communities to undertake Air Quality Mapping projects by offering them a share of £1,000 funding. Proposals are invited from communities across London. The funds will cover the cost of purchasing diffusion tubes to measure nitrogen dioxide (NO2), laboratory analysis, and map creation. There is a strong likelihood of media coverage throughout the project.

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On 26th March 2015 Hannah posted in Featured, News

Sun, Sea and Southend’s Main Roads

The boom in British road construction during the early twentieth century envisaged a better-connected future. However, busy roads can also confine and restrict us. On Monday, Mapping for Change met our Street Mobility project partners at Liverpool Street. We jumped on a train to Southend Victoria to continue our work on main roads; specifically, the negative physical and psychological impact of major arterial roads on older people.

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