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Community Air Quality Monitoring

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Community Air Quality Monitoring
Mapping for Change have launched a crowdfunded Air Quality Monitoring initiative that will enable communities across the UK to collect evidence about air pollution in their local area.

Air pollution is not a new headline. With shocking death tolls, alarming health statistics, and ominous environmental impacts released periodically, many of us are fully aware of the urgent need for action.
To call for changes in our local areas and reduce our own exposure, we require evidence. Currently, local authority


We’ve worked with community groups across London – here you can see Nitrogen Dioxide levels in Soho.

monitoring stations are scattered across the country, but are far from comprehensive. These stations’ modelled data provides estimated pollution levels, but offers us little insight into the accurate scale of the problem in our towns and cities.

Community Air Quality Monitoring will provide communities with the materials and support required to collect evidence on the streets where we live work and play. With your help, we aim to develop an extensive equipment library of diffusion tubes, and monitoring devices for particulates and black carbon. These will be loaned out to communities who wish to devise a detailed picture of the problem in their local area.

Community member installing a diffusion tube in Highbury, North London

Community member installing a diffusion tube in Highbury, North London

Our approach is tried and tested. In the past 5 years, we’ve already enabled communities to measure over 1400 places of interest across London, finding 59% of these to be above the EU annual limit for Nitrogen Dioxide. It’s time to extend this campaign to support communities across the whole of the UK.
The more money we raise, the more materials we can supply, and the more communities we can work with. Options for communities wishing to participate start at £250 for a months’ worth of measurements. This can either be made up of a single donation, or a combination of multiple donations – such as £25 from 10 people – united with the #postcode district (e.g. #EH15).
Our target is £35,000. This will enable us to support 100 communities AND purchase high-grade particulate monitors. If you help us to raise £50,000, we can purchase a black carbon monitor, and support even more communities to take action.
Join our mission for cleaner air! Visit our Crowdfunder profile to find out more and donate today.

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  1. Clive Pugh says:

    Hi,I am currently assisting a local councillor in Knutsford with his environment agenda. Amongst the projects we are looking at is the air quality in our town.If we could obtain the means to carry out accurate air monitoring in our town which is subject to heavy road traffic,railway traffic and overflying aircraft we would be able to lobby for improvements that could increase the quality of the air we breath.If you can help us in any way we would be most grateful.

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