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On 13th November 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Access the National Trails: 23,000 metres mapped!

Our Access the National Trails initiative has seen happy mappers across the country collect more than 4400 photographs, covering a staggering 23,000 metres of footpath! With more images uploaded every week, we hope to hit 25,000 metres by the end of the year.

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On 2nd October 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Access the National Trails: Thixendale

On Tuesday morning, the Mapping for Change team dusted off their walking boots and hopped on a train to Yorkshire for the 2nd of our Access the National Trails mapping workshops.

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On 3rd September 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

National (Accessible) Trails!

Summer is coming to an end: the days are getting shorter, umbrellas are whizzing off the shelves, and small streams are forming alongside every pavement. What better time to contemplate walking in our beautiful natural landscapes?! The National Trails stretch across 2,500 miles of England and Wales, and they’re waiting to be enjoyed by everyone, whatever the weather. However, a lack of information about accessibility on the National Trails means that many people with limited mobility are unable to make the most of them, come rain or shine. We’re working with the National Trails and Walk Unlimited to promote walking for people with limited mobility, by collecting information about accessibility along the trails.

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On 20th July 2015 Hannah posted in Events, News

Southend-on-Sea: The Walking Journals

Sun, sea and busy dual carriageways: an update on our community engagement in Southend-on-Sea, for the interdisciplinary research project, Street Mobility and Network Accessibility.

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On 2nd June 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Community Air Quality Monitoring – Funding Available

Mapping for Change can now enable up to four communities to undertake Air Quality Mapping projects by offering them a share of £1,000 funding. Proposals are invited from communities across London. The funds will cover the cost of purchasing diffusion tubes to measure nitrogen dioxide (NO2), laboratory analysis, and map creation. There is a strong likelihood of media coverage throughout the project.

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On 4th March 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Space to Grow Old In: Mobility in Kilburn

Yesterday morning, Mapping for Change ventured out of the office to attend one of the lively Kilburn Older Voices Exchange events; Older people and the street environment. Keen to discuss issues with accessibility, and factors which influence people’s decisions to get out and about in their local community, we met at a snowy West Hampstead station and headed towards the Kingsgate Resource Centre.

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On 13th February 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Lessons in Accessibility: UCL Try It!

It may sound obvious to state that universities should be accessible. Of course, all education should take place in sites where everyone feels encouraged and able to participate, regardless of age, gender or background. However, there’s a more fundamental aspect to the term accessibility, but it’s one that is not always considered. This is the accessibility of a university’s built environment, and that is what UCL Try It! aimed to explore here in London.

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On 30th January 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Try It! The UCL Access Challenge

On February 12th, Mapping for Change will be participating in a series of  activities designed to raise awareness about access issues on the UCL campus.

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On 23rd January 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Are you a wheelchair user, or someone who uses another type of mobility aid to get around? Will you help us out by sharing your expertise and experiences?

Here at Mapping for Change, we’ve been busy working on one of our current projects, My Accessible EU. This project aims to develop digital tools, such as mobile phone applications, that will enable people to collect and share information about accessibility in European cities. Part of this will involve the creation of applications to help plan journeys and navigate when on route. To ensure these tools are as beneficial as possible, we need insights and feedback from people like you!

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On Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Communities Embark on Air Quality Mapping

After receiving £1000 funding in November, Mapping for Change called for up to four communities to conduct air quality monitoring work in their local area. Each community would undertake a month-long monitoring process during February 2015, placing plastic diffusion tubes in strategic areas to measure nitrogen dioxide levels.

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