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On 26th October 2016 Agnes posted in News, Uncategorised

Love Lambeth Air Launch

Today marks the launch of six months of air quality monitoring across Lambeth. Yay I hear you cry! And with good reason; currently there are only three static air quality monitoring stations across Lambeth borough. Love Lambeth Air will provide local people with the materials and support required to collect measurements for nitrogen dioxide across a number of streets in Lambeth, providing a detailed picture of air quality in their local area.

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On 24th November 2015 Hannah posted in Featured, News

Community Air Quality Monitoring
Mapping for Change have launched a crowdfunded Air Quality Monitoring initiative that will enable communities across the UK to collect evidence about air pollution in their local area.

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On 2nd June 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Community Air Quality Monitoring – Funding Available

Mapping for Change can now enable up to four communities to undertake Air Quality Mapping projects by offering them a share of £1,000 funding. Proposals are invited from communities across London. The funds will cover the cost of purchasing diffusion tubes to measure nitrogen dioxide (NO2), laboratory analysis, and map creation. There is a strong likelihood of media coverage throughout the project.

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On 18th March 2015 Hannah posted in Featured, News

Return of the Tubes: Communities Await Air Quality Results

In February, Mapping for Change equipped four community groups with all the materials needed to measure Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) in their local areas. One month and four Citizen Science initiatives later, and the data from Clean Air in London’s air quality monitoring projects has been returned for analysis.

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On 23rd January 2015 Hannah posted in Events, Featured, News

Communities Embark on Air Quality Mapping

After receiving £1000 funding in November, Mapping for Change called for up to four communities to conduct air quality monitoring work in their local area. Each community would undertake a month-long monitoring process during February 2015, placing plastic diffusion tubes in strategic areas to measure nitrogen dioxide levels.

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On 18th June 2014 Louise posted in Events, Featured

Science in the City Maps Dust Storm

As part of the Science in the City project, residents of the Barbican Estate in the City of London monitored their local air quality between October 2013 and May 2014. Since February, residents have been using handheld sensors to track the presence of PM2.5 particulates* whilst on their everyday journeys and have managed to capture the effects of the dust storm in their community.

Twenty-five Barbican residents took part, carrying the sensors for up to five days each and making eighty-seven journeys in total. Although Science in the City focuses on air quality around the Barbican Estate, residents carried the sensors as far as Darlington and Cambridge providing a wealth of information illustrating changes in air quality across the country as well as in the Barbican area.

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On 27th February 2014 Louise posted in Featured, News

Citizen Science – What difference does it make?

Whilst showing a resident how to use a particulate air quality monitor, he told me that he would “never walk in Beech Street Tunnel again”. This statement was based on his involvement in Science in the City, a citizen science project that we are currently running to support communities to measure and map air quality. Based on the data gathered by the local community, between October 2013 and February 2014, this particular resident decided that there are cleaner, ‘healthier‘ and less polluted routes he could take to and from his home. When we at Mapping for Change are asked what impact our work has, or how involving non-professional scientists in community based scientific research makes a difference – I guess here’s the answer! This chap might even live an extra few years – who knows!!

On 22nd October 2013 Louise posted in Featured

The AirProbe International Challenge (APIC) is an international competition between citizens of four European cities: LONDON, ANTWERP, KASSEL and TURIN, who will compete to build the most complete map of air pollution for their city. People from each city can become Air Ambassadors, to measure the levels of air pollution with a custom built sensor box, or Air Guardians, to provide air pollution level estimations in various locations in the city.

The competition starts TODAY! Help London win the challenge by playing the online game

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On 13th March 2013 Louise posted in Events, Featured

Concerned communities, and organisations that work with them, including councils, academics, and public health bodies are invited to a conference being run by Mapping for Change on the 17th April at UCL.

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On 27th February 2012 Louise posted in Events, Featured

Mapping4Change @ #LCCS2

2nd London Citizen Cyberscience Summit

Mapping for Change, took part in the 2nd Citizen Cyberscience Summit held at the Royal Geographic Society and University College London last week on 16th, 17th and 18th February. Continue reading…