We promote the use of maps as a tool to support local communities achieve social change.

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Community workshop

Community workshop

The concept behind community mapping is to move away from “top-down” mapping that so often fails to reflect the needs of people.

A “community map” is very much what it sounds like – it’s a map created by members of a community or group.

The map shows things that you are interested in or concerned about. It is built from your own local knowledge and therefore the only expertise you need is what you already know from living in your area. You are the expert!

Community maps create a comprehensive picture of the area we live in through the eyes of those who inhabit the space.

Community maps can be of value to many different stakeholders

If  you are:

  • A local community group: WE CAN develop a community map to highlight local projects, events and organisations active in your community;
  • A social housing provider: WE CAN create a community map for your residents to communicate with you, and other residents;
  • A charity that supports social entrepreneurs: WE CAN create a map to highlight the activities and success stories of those you fund.

Main benefits

A community map can:

  • show proposed new plans or regeneration activities for any area and enable both those living in affected areas and those involved in the plans to get a clearer idea of local concerns and impacts;
  • enable people within the ‘community’ to add information about their localities;
  • provide a resource that highlights what is going on in the area and can provide other important information relating to things such as planning alerts, health services, support groups and local service providers.

Whatever the purpose is, we can work with you to develop an online interactive community map reflecting themes that are relevant to you.

Below is an image of the Brixton map. You can see and use all our maps by clicking here (or by clicking on the Go To Maps box anywhere on our site)

brixton_map2 brixton_map_legend


Have a look around our web site or phone us to see how we can help you develop a community map that can make a difference for you.

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