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On 1st March 2013 Louise posted in Events, Featured

A Look at Housing and New Ways of Working in Udine

Late January saw members of the MfC team travel to Udine to participate in a series of seminars under the Active Citizenship in Social Housing (ACts) project, funded by the Grundtvig Life Long Learning Programme.  Over the course of 3 days visits were made to communities in the area and a number of presentations covering a diverse range of perspectives were shared. Several interesting issues surrounding citizenship and social space were raised for discussion:

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On 23rd January 2013 Louise posted in Featured, News, Training

Social Workers and Participatory Mapping

In September of last year Louise Francis, Director of MfC, went out to Udine to deliver a seminar and training session to students from the University of Udine,  visiting students from  the University of Oulu and employees of Vicin di Casa, a local not-for-profit organisation whose aim is to promote and facilitate access to housing by migrants. Students who attended came from courses on social work, and technology and education.

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On 22nd May 2012 Louise posted in Featured, News

Partners from the University of Udine and University of Oulu joined us for a two day seminar that ran from the 17th-18th May and formed part of the ‘Active Citizenship in Social Housing (ACts)‘ project, funded under the Grundtvig Life Long Learning Programme. The seminar provided an opportunity for partner institutions to learn more about Mapping for Change’s use of participatory mapping with communities in the UK.

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