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On 16th July 2014 Louise posted in Featured

Living with the Seven Sisters Road

Word Cloud from Woodberry Down Perception Mapping

Community mapping from the first pilot for the Street Mobility Project has provided interesting insights into how the people of Woodberry Down have adapted to the presence of a major busy road cutting through their estate.  They told us how communities and movement networks evolved round connected neighbourhoods on different sides of the road, most often made up of the friends and neighbours in their housing block.

There was a real community – We all knew each other, our children grew up together and you knew who your neighbours were, we all looked out for each other and the children. We never really went over Seven Sisters Road, there was no real need to.
Woodberry Down resident (80)

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On 27th May 2014 Louise posted in Featured, News

Street Mobility Mapping Project

Throughout March to June 2014 we have been working in the Woodberry Down area of north London, preparing the way for the first in a series of four community mapping projects exploring how busy roads impact on the daily lives of residents. The Woodberry Down Estate is dissected by the busy Seven Sisters Road, and the area is being transformed by a substantial private – public regeneration scheme that will include new blocks of privately and social housing units.

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