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Brr-eathe Easy: We Care for Our Air Winter Update

On 19 Jan 2024 Karissa Johnson posted in News, Projects

Brr-eathe Easy: We Care for Our Air Winter Update

It has been a bustling winter so far for the We Care for Our Air project, entering the new year with a lot of momentum. 

Three months of diffusion tube data have now been plotted onto Redbridge’s borough Air Quality Map, thanks to the 78 residents and organisations helping to monitor air pollution at places they care about, including Cllr Sunny Brar of Newbury Ward. 

Take a moment to explore how clean or polluted the air in Redbridge is by clicking around our community air quality map.

Along with our resident volunteers, the young people of Redbridge, have stepped up to the plate. Since the air quality events in local schools last November, some pupils have become Pupil Air Quality Ambassadors. They have been presenting their air quality findings to their school communities and organising fun competitions and activities for their peers. Parents have also been encouraged to opt for active travel, ditching vehicles when commuting to school.

Wheel-y Cool

Despite frosty temperatures, dedicated pupils also participated in Bikeability cycle training sessions, learning how to ride and stay safe on the road. Equipped with this knowledge, they can now contribute to reducing vehicle use around Redbridge. 

If you or your organisation are would like to book free cycle training, available for adults and children, click here.

To support this, cycle storage site audits have been conducted at all three focus schools, with plans for installations in the new year. All three schools currently need more secure, sheltered storage to encourage more scooting and cycling.

We are delighted by the efforts of the three schools involved for their dedication and thank them and Cllr Foyzur Rahman of Loxford Ward, who attended at Woodlands Primary, for their continued support of the project.

Spreading Awareness

Looking ahead, potential Breathe London Node locations are under assessment by LBR Highways. These 6 new monitors will enhance our understanding of air pollution across the southern part of the borough by measuring for both particulate and gaseous pollution at greater accuracy. A final vote will be sent out to stakeholders and residents involved in monitoring early in the new year.

To share the learnings from We Care for Our Air as widely as possible, campaign focus groups are running throughout December and January. They aim to assess the impact of messaging for the project and determine the best ways to communicate with our target audiences. Results from these sessions will help in developing the final campaign resources and materials.

Preliminary meetings have also taken place to discuss how information on the risks of air pollution could be shared with vulnerable groups, specifically pregnant mothers. We hope to ensure the greatest benefit of the project is felt by members of the community who need it the most.

If you haven’t already, please check out the We Care for Our Air project webpage on Engage Redbridge and follow us on Twitter @WeCareForOurAir!

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