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Crowdfunding Success!

On 11 Feb 2016 Hannah posted in Uncategorised

In December 2015 Mapping for Change launched a crowd funding campaign with the aim of raising money to enable local communities to monitor air quality in their areas

We are delighted to say that the project was a success in receiving enough pledges to support 6 local communities in undertaking air quality monitoring projects. Through the crowd funding campaign we have also successfully launched our Air Quality App for Android devices.

The mobile application has been developed to streamline the data collection process when using diffusion tubes to monitor nitrogen dioxide and enables users to automatically publish their results on the Community Air Quality Map.

The successful communities which are NW1, N@3, NW6, SE16, TW8 and TW11, will begin their monitoring projects in March 2016.

This campaign would not have been a success without a lot of help and we would like to say a big thanks to the following people as well as those who pledged anonymously:

Hannah Stockwell

Chris Fellingham

Ali Fairbrass

Michalis Vitos

Kiran Bains

Diane Scott

Matthias Stevens


Ellie Hajee

Mark Parker

Patrick Rickles

Diana Gray

Jerome Lewis

Gianfranco Gliozzo

Street Mobility Project

Roger Ketsrel


Oliver Roick

Diana Scott

Christina Swasey


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