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Presentation in the Substance 'A New Ball Game' Conference

On 10 Mar 2011 Louise posted in Events, Featured


Mapping for Change Director and co-founder, Muki Haklay, presented at the Susbstance co-op conference, ‘A New Ball Game’ on Friday, 4th March.

Substance is an experienced social research company working in the youth, sport and personal development sectors.

Muki gave a practical workshop, focusing on ‘Using Geographical Information to improve service delivery and analyse impact’. The workshop covered the basic principles of geographical and spatial analysis of data. During the workshop, Muki showed how the availability of Ordnance Survey data and low cost Geographical Information System (GIS) software allow the analysis of information that is already available to improve the service delivery or impact of different activities. In addition, it covered a variety of mapping techniques used by Mapping for Change and UCL in a range of projects, including participatory mapping used to develop a communal action plan.

The conference presentation will be available at SUBSTANCE’s website.

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