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On 16 Feb 2011 Louise posted in Featured, News

The UK Climate Action Map, a new interactive resource, is now on-line and under development. We have set this up for the Communities and Climate Action Alliance and it is being taken forward with the Low Carbon Communities Network. The map can be seen at

In 2009/10 we worked with the Green Alliance, funded by the Gulbenkian Foundation, to map local activity on climate change in two areas of the UK – rural north Dorset and inner-city Newcastle upon Tyne.  These are on our Maps site. This work was done in partnership with local networks and focused on voluntary and community activity, but as the maps develop public and private sector activities have been added. The two maps share some common layers (such as local energy projects) while extra layers were added during the workshop processes.

The UK Climate Action Map was developed as part of the resources to support the Communities and Climate Conference. It has drawn on data for climate maps in Dorset, Newcastle and London, as well as those who attended the conference. Since then it has been further promoted and about 4 new projects a week are adding themselves (each entry is moderated by MfC before it appears on the map).

We are now starting to redevelop the map. Coming months will see increased functionality (this would include the ability to lay other data (e.g. ONS information) over the map, and this week the ability to embed videos is being built in.   If you’d like to be involved in this project or know more please do get in touch.

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