Mapping for Change

Our Company

Mapping for Change works to provide benefit to individuals and communities from disadvantaged or marginalised groups, along with the organisations and networks that support those communities, where the goal is to create positive sustainable transformations in their environment. We also support individuals from the aforementioned groups to gain access to higher education at UCL, to study fields connected with our work.

Our Vision

A future in which communities are empowered, sustainable and resilient.

Our Mission

To empower individuals and communities to make a difference to their local area through the use of mapping and geographical information.

Our Aim

To deliver maps and techniques which enable any organisation, group or enterprise to make a change and improve their environments.

Meet The Team

  • Louise Francis

    Louise Francis

    Louise is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of MfC. She is responsible for the day-to-day management of MfC and oversees the development and delivery of our activities.

    She has an academic background in environmental science and has over ten years’ experience of working with communities and grass-roots organisations in the UK and throughout the Eastern Caribbean, with a particular focus on justice, sustainability and community development. She specialises in the delivery of participatory mapping and citizen science activities.

  • Professor Muki Haklay

    Professor Muki Haklay

    Muki is a Co-Founder and Director of MfC. He is a Professor of Geographic Information Science and the director of UCL Extreme Citizen Science research group, which is dedicated to create new methods for participatory and collaborative science.

    His research interests include Public Access and use of Environmental Information, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Usability Engineering of GIS and Societal aspects of GIS use. He has been involved in participatory GIS since 1999, when during his PhD research he explored how it can be used to involved local communities in understanding new developments in Wandsworth.

  • Ana Lemmo Charnalia

    Ana Lemmo Charnalia

    Ana is a Director of MfC and the Social Enterprise Business Manager at UCL Business Plc where she promotes, identifies and develops opportunities for social enterprise throughout UCL departments.

    She brings 6 years of experience in social innovation and enterprise. After completing her MBA, she joined UnLtd, the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs where she provided seed funding and support to social entrepreneurs in the UK. Prior to UnLtd, Ana planned and implemented economic development initiatives in Massachusetts, United States. She holds a BA in International Relations from Universidad de San Andres and an MBA from Oxford University.

  • Chris Church

    Chris Church

    Chris is a Co-Founder and Director of Mapping for Change.

    Chris has 25 years experience working on sustainable and community development. He previously worked as local and regional development manager for Friends of the Earth UK, and is now on the Board or FoE. He also chairs the UK Low Carbon Communities Network. He works extensively as a trainer and advisor to local communities, notably on the Big Lottery 10-year ‘Big Local’ programme. He has also worked extensively with communities and NGOs in Eastern Europe.

  • Julius Osokinas

    Julius Osokinas

    Julius joined Mapping for Change as a Junior Developer in April 2014. He is working alongside the ExCiteS Senior Developer to develop the front-end software, which will support the new Community Maps platform, and provides a variety of web development actions.

    He brings to the role his academic background, a B.Eng in Telecommunications Engineering, together with two years of experience working as a freelance Front-End Developer.

  • Rebecca Payne

    Rebecca Payne

    Rebecca joined Mapping for Change in July 2014 as a part-time intern, and then became a Community Engagement Officer in September 2014. She conducts a range of research, communication and engagement activities.

    She brings to the role her interdisciplinary academic background – a BA in English from Warwick, and an MSc with Distinction in Urban Studies from UCL – and previous research experience at the Oxford Programme for the Future of Cities, and the Historic Towns Forum.

  • Lara Myles

    Lara Myles

    Lara joined Mapping for Change in June 2014. She oversees all Administration, and has directed several MfC Documentaries.

    She is originally from Edinburgh and has a very varied background. She spent 7 years working in finance dealing with stock market investments and then went onto work in Film & TV as a make-up artist, producer and production co-ordinator for 6 years. She recently moved back to London from Edinburgh where she was working as part of the University of Edinburgh Physics and Astronomy accounts department.

  • Grace Iara Souza

    Grace Iara Souza

    Grace is a researcher on the subjects of sustainable development, human and environmental security, and political ecology. She holds an MA (with distinction) in Environment, Politics and Globalisation from King’s College London and a BA (with honours) in International Relations from Laureate International, in São Paulo. Her areas of investigation have focused on global demands and the local adaptation of environmental regimes.

    Grace was an intern here at MfC while doing her MA at King’s and since has remained an active member of the team.


We are very grateful to the following people who somehow contributed to the development of technologies and methodologies used here at Mapping for Change:

London 21

Vinciane Rycroftas, Lucy Glover, Coleen Whitaker and Georgia van Rooijen

UCL Excites Group

Dr Patrick Weber, Patrick Rickles and Gianfranco Gliozzo

UCL Geography

Hanif Rahemtulla, Dan Lewis and Marc Owen Alethea Kimmel-Guy

MSc in GIS at UCL

Paolo Isoardi, Sarah Theakston Yang Liu, Spyridon Spyratos and Nat Evatt

King’s College London

Claire Gibson

Interns & Volunteers

We are constantly receiving help from Masters students from both UCL and King’s College London, Department of Geography.

Would you like to be part of the team? Contact us and find out more about current vacancies.