Map Tutorial

You can add your own information to your Community Map, and include your own comments and photos.

*To add something to the map, you must be signed into your account. If you do not already have an account you can create one by clicking on this link

You can also access registration or login via your map home page


Browsing a Map


You can do this by clicking in the box next to a category which will remove the tick. This category will now be switched off.

You can switch it back on by clicking in the box again.




Searching a Map

You can search the map for specific organisations, events, projects or anything else that has been mapped.

SearchMap1. Firstly select the ‘Search‘ tab on the right of the window. You can run a search within a specific category or the entire map.

2. Use the text box to input your search details.

3. Use the filter to narrow your search within a specific category




Adding information

There are three simple steps to adding information.

Note: It is always easier to locate where on the map you wish to place your information first and select the appropriate zoom level so that you can see buildings clearly (you may wish to switch on the satellite or hybrid views).


Select the ‘Add Content‘ tabAdd Content2


1.   Select which category you wish to add information by clicking in the option box next to the appropriate name. Then click ‘Next’.

2.   Now select whether your information is best represented as a point, a line – perhaps to highlight a trail, or a polygon (shape) to outline a park or an allotment for example. Click the location you wish this new item to appear on the map. Then click ‘Next’.

3.   The last step requires you to add the details. Some fields are mandatory and these are marked with a *. You may need to use the scroll bar on the side of the form to fill in fields lower down the page.

Once you have completed step three your newly added information will be sent for moderation and should appear on the map once the moderators have approved it. You can use the ‘Previous‘ button to go back and alter any new additions. You can also edit any information already sent for moderation or already approved (see Editing Your Information below).

Adding Photos

AddPhotoYou can add photos to certain categories on the map. When you add your content you will see the ‘Add New Photo‘ button where this function is available (at the bottom of the form).

Click on the button and you can upload a photo from your computer. There is a 2MB limit so please check on the photo size. This information can be saved as a draft to revisit at a later date if required.

Editing your information

You can edit any information that you have added to the map at any time.

EditMap1. To edit, firstly select the ‘edit‘ tab.

2. Next, choose which details you wish to edit; this includes data previously drafted but not submitted for moderation (draft data), data that has already been moderated and is showing on the map (approved data) OR data which you had previously submitted and is now waiting to be moderated (queued data).

3. Use the scroll bar to search for the item you wish to edit. If you make alterations to already submitted or existing details (i.e. queued and/or approved data), these changes will be re-submitted for moderation. You can also delete the item entirely if needed.


As a moderator your account access will also allow you to moderate items submitted to the map by others. The steps required to moderate new items are similar to those described above under the ‘Editing your information’ section. Once you have signed into your account:

1. Select the ‘Edit’ tab.

2. Then select the ‘Edit Queued Data’ option. A list of newly added items will appear which you or others may have submitted for approval. You may need to use the scroll bar to look up and down the list.

3. If there are any new items select them from the list by clicking on them. An icon associated to this new entry should now appear centred on the map.


If you require any information on how to use the map of have any general queries please contact us

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