Mapping for Change is a social enterprise and has years of experience of working within the third sector - we know the sector and we know your needs.

Voluntary & Community Associations

Community Association

Our expertise

We are uniquely placed to offer any voluntary organisation (community, schools, tenants and residents groups, faith groups, housing associations, co-operatives and social enterprises, sports organisations, grant making trusts or private clubs) a range of services and support in addition to work in partnership with clients to deliver part or all of a project. We can help you use on-line mapping as a standard tool to record and promote what is happening in your locality or field of operation. You might need us to help build a detailed picture of local information about a specific or range of issues.

What we can do:

  • Geographical analysis services to support funding applications, evaluation reports, highlight the distribution of activities to facilitate better targeted resourcing and the production of issue based thematic maps;
  • Help with developing neighbourhood-level maps of a wide range of issues. These maps can promote local organisations, upcoming events, and local projects or sites (such as food-growing projects or community facilities). We have developed a text messaging alert system to inform users of local events and activities to accommodate the lack of internet access;
  • Work with staff working in specific localities to develop ‘community maps’ with and for the community organisations and people living in that area. Local people can choose the kinds of information that they want to see on the map and can help gather and manage that information;
  • Map specific social or environmental  issues. We have developed ‘noise maps’ with local residents tackling problem sites (download our noise mapping toolkit). Locally gathered information can be mapped and compared with existing national or regional information;
  • Provide staff training in developing community mapping work as part of a community engagement plan and then simply offer background support;
  • We can run a project for you from the start to finish (and provide on-going management) or set up a core structure and train people to use and develop the structure;
  • We offer web hosting for maps developed which can seamlessly link to our clients own website while benefiting from our tools and software

Please look at the maps and information on this site. If you are interested in finding out more about working with us or there are project ideas that you would like to discuss call us on 020 7679 2296 or contact us.

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