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The challenge

Local authorities have a role in ‘shaping the communities’ in which we live and the Government has said it is committed to promoting ‘active citizenship and civic engagement at all levels’. However, the number of individuals within communities who feel they can influence decisions in their local area has fallen from 44% in 2001 to 37% in 2009-2010 (Citizenship Survey 2010). Local authorities are faced with the task of providing efficient service delivery whilst listening to the needs and views of citizens.

Our Expertise

Mapping for Change has years of experience of working with community groups, third sector organisations and individuals, and community engagement is an integral part of our work. Through a range of participatory approaches we can offer any Council a range of services. We can help you make on-line mapping a tool that any department can use as part of its’ work within the community or as part of the Council’s overall promotion strategy.

We are able to assist our clients overcome the issues related to accurate place-based information and encouraging local contributions to the available information in order to help resolve local issues, inform policy development and the fair distribution of resources.

What we can do

  • We can help you develop council-wide or neighbourhood-level maps of a wide range of issues. These maps can promote local organisations, upcoming events, and local projects or sites (such as food-growing projects or sports facilities). The same maps can be used to highlight local re-cycling facilities and promote local green businesses. We have developed a text messaging alert system to inform users of local events and activities to accommodate the lack of internet access amongst some communities.
  • We can work with staff working in specific localities to develop ‘community maps’ with and for the community organisations and people living in that area. Local people can choose the kinds of information that they want to see on the map and can help gather and manage that information.
  • We can train staff in developing community mapping work as part of a community engagement plan and provide additional background support.
  • Locally gathered information can be mapped to be compared with existing international, national or regional information.
  • Our level of engagement can range from running a project from start to finish (and providing ongoing management) to setting up a core structure and training people to use and develop that structure.
  • We offer a web hosting for maps developed which can seamlessly link to our clients own website while benefiting from our tools and software. We can also develop white-label maps to be hosted on other sites.

Please look at the maps and information on this site.

If you are interested in finding out more about working with us or there is project ideas that you would like to discuss call us on 020 7679 2296 or contact us.

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